Friday, January 23, 2015

Passport Experience

Yesterday afternoon, I traveled to Antigua to get my passport done in Guatemala City.

We left this morning at 0545 and arrived at 0815 at the US Embassy.  There were not many people there as I began to enter.  I was told that the office was not working today because they had an important meeting.  I about slid down the wall in despair.  I explained to the lady my situation and she told me to wait for a few minutes.  She returned after making a call and they decided to let three people in........I was the third!!

After redoing some paper work and getting some new photos taken, I was ready to go!!  I was able to pay with my credit card and was told that the new passport will be ready in about 10 days!

I found a taxi that took me to where the buses were and I jumped on one to return to Antigua.  Guatemala City is not my favorite place to be.  I try not to be nervous but just be aware of what is going on around me.

As I was walking in Antigua, this was the view near Hermano Pedro as the sun was going down.

I will head back to Chichi in the morning, worship in Quiche on Sunday and be ready to start clinic on Monday.

I will return to Guatemala City in a few weeks to get my new passport and will not have to think about it for another ten years!

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