Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Clinic in Chajbal

This morning was a real struggle to get to clinic.  Aura, our dentist called early and told us that a tractor trailer had problems and the road was totally blocked in Sepela.  Therefore, we had to totally change plans to get to our clinics.  Lisa picked me up and a few others and we drove to Clinica Caris where Manuel was waiting for us.  The drive was interesting with buses flooring it on the back roads.................we finally made it

Manuel, Maria, Nathan and I headed out to Chajbal, where Enrique and Andrea were waiting for us.
We quickly set up for clinic and started.  We saw eleven medical patients and dental had seven patients.

The concern for the day was a 5 year old boy that had developed diarrhea and fever last night.  He was lethargic and his temperature was 100.9.  The father took him to the hospital when he was not able to drink.  It is sad when parents are so worried over their children and we are limited in what we can do.  I sure hope they received good care.

Jackson was with us again and he worked with dental.  We also had Nathan with us today.  He is studying at Harding University and is planning on beginning a P.A. program.

When it came time to start packing up, Nathan tried his hand hat wrapping up the electrical cords.  He had a little of a struggle but finished.  He took our teasing real well.  Way to go Nathan!

When we had seen all of the patients we headed back to Clinica Caris.  Lisa and Teresa had seen over twenty patients, so we helped them finish up.

It was a great day with the usual challenges and we survived!

Tomorrow, we will be in Carris with a mountain of patients...............we will survive again!