Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oklahoma Christian Head to Las Trampas and Caris

We headed to different clinics again today. One group returned to Clinic Caris, while another group of us headed down the main highway to Las Trampas for an ABC Clinic.

Kemmel answering questions and getting everyone going in the right direction.  

The students wondering if they are up for another day of this..........all of the same activities, just another day!

Lisa and Manuel working out a few points.

After about a 45 minute drive, we unloaded the trucks and started seeing patients.

We saw about 23 ABC Children and 7 adults.

Manuel and Jason chilling a little between patients.

Medical consults in the front as dental sees their patients behind.

Brother Dave entertaining a little girl as her family sees the physician.

We had a very good lunch of beef soup and tortillas.

After lunch we finished up seeing a few patients and made a house call.  A lady that is 94 years old has been having a terrible cough and difficulty breathing.  We got her some medicine and hopefully, she will start to feel better soon.

Tomorrow is another day and another adventure.  We will have groups in Charis, Chuchuca and Xejox............some of us will leave at 0600 and head UP, UP, UP the mountain!

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Great blogs, Sheri!!!!! I'm soooo proud of you!!!!!