Sunday, May 7, 2017

Catching up with Oklahoma, Airpot and Montellano

Yesterday, a few of us from the Oklahoma group went to Antigua to spend the night.  We enjoyed dinner together and then it was time to get some sleep.  It has been a busy week but all went well and we are very thankful for that.

On Saturday morning, I took a shuttle to the Guatemalan Airport to wait for a new group to arrive.  There were 37 that arrived and we traveled to Montellano and started setting up for a surgical clinic.

As I was waiting for the group to arrive, I realized how much the airport has changed since my first visit, in 2005.  This gentleman is dressed in his Mayan attire.  You do not see many men outside of Solola with their native dress.

I remember when I first started coming to Guatemala, we would exit a open-air hanger.  There would be trucks full of Guatemalans, who came to the airport to meet their returning family.  Traveling to The Capital was a huge deal for them. Now, the exit of the airport has changed drastically and there is a huge Samsung screen hanging with various advertisements.

When both flights landed and we accounted for 37 visitors, we took off for Montellano.  They will have a full week, seeing many patients.  Rick usually flieswith the group but his daughter, Julie Ann, graduated today so he will arrive on Sunday.

After worship on Sunday, we had a meeting with Dr. Walter and Rowdy translated for him.  As soon as we had lunch, people started preparing for a week of surgery.

We pray that all goes well and each surgery is a success.  We also are very thankful that the medical staff arrived safely without any issues.

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