Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Health Talents Seminar

On Monday, we cancelled our normal activities and we traveled to Santiago to have a two day meeting with all of the people that work with Health Talents.  The people from Montellano were there and also the people that work in Guatemala City.

We left Chichi around 0630, so that meant we would have breakfast on the way.  This is where we stopped for breakfast.

This is Lake Atitlan,

The place that we stopped had very pretty flowers and it had just rained.

After a great breakfast we loaded back up.  Maria, a promoter and Nidia, a physician deciding to hop back in the truck.

They were followed by Teresa who is a promoter and Andrea and Aura who are dentists.

Cesar waiting patiently for us........Professor Cesar.

Gaspar, our evangelist and his son, Noe, a physical therapist.

This was the view from our room.  We had 8 people in our room with 4 bunk beds.

Rick, the director of Health Talents was with us and Carlos translated for him.

Noe leading singing on Tuesday morning.

We broke into groups today to discuss topics that are important to the ministry.  One of those is continuing education for medical and dental providers.

Cesar and Manuel shared with us the thoughts from their group.

Lisa and Kemmel always have time to answer questions that we might have.

We had a cake and celebrated Jenny and Micaela's birthdays.

This is the final group photo.

We had heard before we left that some of the main roads might be closed but we did not encounter any problems and we were thankful for that.

Tomorrow, we will start up clinics for the rest of the week.


Mom said...

WOW!!!!!! You never cease to amaze me!!!!! I think that as your mother, I have that privilege!!!!!! Beautiful pictures and great to see all the people that are serving God, to save souls!!!!! You help them to live better lives but this world is not our home. The end goal is heaven!!!! May God bless each and everyone of you!!!!!!!!

Sheri said...

Thank you, Mom. You and dad taught me to be this way :) See you in a couple of weeks!

Mom said...

God answered our prayers!!!!!