Monday, May 15, 2017

Diabetic and Baby Follow-up

We had clinic today in Lemoa and we had a busy clinic.  It was busy but we managed well.

Lisa had called me on Friday to let me know that a diabetic patient would be coming to Clinica Caris and that she had already cleaned a foot ulcer that he has.  He was the first in line this morning at clinic and I was pleased with the way his foot had responded to the antibiotic. He told me that he has had this sore for four months.  Also today, his blood sugar had dropped a little.

So I completely trimmed the skin around the outside and cleaned everything real well.  He will return on Thursday to see Lisa again.

It is time to start seeing babies for the August plastic surgery.  Xavier came today with his mom. He is now ready for his palate repair.

This was Xavier before his lip surgery last August.

What a difference one year makes after having surgery.  Ginny and Jack sponsored Xavier last year and will do so again for this surgery.

Tomorrow, we will head to Mactzul II. I hope that we have a ton of patients!

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Mom said...

Xavier is a doll !!!!!!! We are thrilled that we could help make such a wonderful change in his life!!!!!! May God bless him and his family!!!!!