Thursday, May 18, 2017

Clinic in Mactuzl II

On Friday, we had clinic in Mactzul II.  When we finished, we enjoyed the lunch that the ladies had prepared for us.

Below is one of our ABC Children, Gabriela.  She has really grown since I saw her last year.  She is sponsored by Jodi, who has had the opportunity to meet Gabriela and her mom twice. Gabriela has a bright future a head If you are interested  in sponsoring an ABC Child, please let us know..

After clinic, I headed to Antigua. Going through Chimaltenango has become more difficult over the last couple of years due to the amount of traffic.  This man climbed up the ladder on the back right side to get to some of the things that had been stored on top for the ride. Of course, we were still driving at a decent speed and drops of rain were falling.......but that does not matter.

The part that made me the most nervous was the electrical lines he continued to dodge while he crawled under the plastic to untie what he wanted to take down.  My turn to Antigua arrived before he was finished so I did not see him climb down.

Nothing is boring about living in Guatemala.  Everyday is an adventure and you have no idea what is beyond the next curve.

As I was walking in Antigua, I was trying to find one of my favorite restaurants but found out that it had closed. I have taken many people there and they would remember it because they have, "shrimp without tails." I was very sad to find it closed. As I was walking and thinking about where to go, some man approached me and asked, "Do you want a husband?"  So, what do you think I said?

When I returned to Chichi, I made it fairly quickly through Chimaltenango and then as I started to climb to Chichi, one of the semi-tractors had problems and had pulled off to the side.  Where he was, it prevented other trailors from passing. I have seen the road blocked for two days when something like this happens.

Tomorrow, we will have clinic in Mactul I and I hope that we hae several patients.

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Mom said...

OH SHERI,,,that made me snort coffee through my nose!!!!!!! I want to know, EXACTLY what you told that man!!!!! Did you tell him that I WANT a son-in-law????? Toooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!