Thursday, June 1, 2017

Busting Lemoa

Well, we all had a busting day in Lemoa..........not a silent moment but it was good. 

The first patient of the day was the diabetic gentleman that Lisa had seen and then I followed-up with on May 15th.  This first photo is the one I took about 2 weeks ago when I saw him. 

This is the foot today and we were so excited at his progress!

Lisa continued to trim away the callus and we were so pleased.

In trying to control the amount of patients that we are seeing in Lemoa, I have asked some to go to clinics that are closer to where they live.  Today, we had four patients who came from a town called Chimaltenango. That is about 90 minutes from here toward the capital.  When I asked how they heard about us, he said,"We have heard about the care that people receive here so that is why we came.  We left our house at 4 am to arrive in time!"

I saw one lady who spent a lot of time talking about her family situation. It is very sad when people are hurting so bad.  When we finished, she said she would like to talk to Gaspar so she spent about 45 minutes with him.  She felt much better when she left the clinic so we will see what happens in the next few weeks.

The four MET Students had a busy day delivering and checking out water filters.  They went with Tomas and Manuel to some areas about 2.5 hours from here.  They were pleased with the results that they found.

Tomorrow, we will head to Panajxit, near Enrique's see what we can see!


Mom said...

I have not seen many sores of this kind but this is amazing!!!! Wonderful blogs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The foot looks great, Sheri!