Monday, June 12, 2017

Bustng Lemoa.......But Great Clinic

 What a day it was!!  

So thankful that we had all hands on deck today, plus the MET Students!  There were at least 150 people at the clinic today.  We had 45 medical patients, 24 dental patients, 9 dental cleanings and I am not sure on how many physical therapy patients.  

We had two babies arrive today from Panajachel.  This young boy is Jefferson and he will have his palate repaired.  We wanted to take him last time but he lacked a few pounds.  Now, he is doing great and ready to go, if his labs are good.

This is Milton and he was in Montellano last year to have his lip repaired. He is doing great and we hope to have his palate repaired in August.

Xavier did not return today with his labs so I was concerned about him.  I called his dad and he said that his wife just had another baby so that is why they were not able to be there. I gave him one more date and he said that they will be able to make that appointment.

One lady returned today that has a very dense cataract in her right eye and we did her paperwork for surgery in July.  She was in Montellano about 6 years ago with a cataract in her left eye.  She had great results and therefore wants to return again.  Her name is Josefa and we pray that this surgery also goes well.

This patient presented today with a leg ulcer that she has had for over a year.  She has been to the national hospital a few times but does not improve.  They told her that she is not a diabetic but her glucose was a little high.  I started her on some meds and sent her for some labs so we will see what happens.  I hope we have as good results with her, as we have had with a gentleman that Lisa has been seeing.

So, we saw plastic patients, an opthamology patient, wound care................and then I had time to toss in a PAP patient. 

It was a good day and everyone worked hard......................thank you!!

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