Saturday, February 6, 2016

Breakfast at Tenedor del Cerro

I have heard about the restaurant that is in Antigua but have never was time for an adventure!

There is a shuttle that takes you to the top of a mountain that has a restaurant called Tenedor del Cerro.

It was a beautiful ride up.  I mentioned to two ladies that it would be a nice walk back to Antigua.  I thought that they thought I was crazy........more about that later.

This is at the entrance of the Tenedor del Cerro.

I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of blueberry pancakes, bacon, juice and coffee.  The price was very reasonable and will return when I have the opportunity.

I decided to walk back to Antigua.  I thought that the walk was very safe as the shuttle ran every 20 minutes and there were a lot of people maintaining the grounds.

 I do not know the history of the statues.  I will be more prepared when I return.

 These were odd......whatever they are, I was interested in their webbed feet.

 Art forms of all kinds.

 I thought of my grandmother when I saw this.  She loved owls!

 An interesting way to maintain the land and prevent erosion.

 As I mentioned, a little art for everyone.

 As I continued down, I soon was able to see Antigua in the distance.

 The grounds are well-maintained.

 Someone stole the horses off a merry-go-round :(

This is for my brother.  He is a fireman.  I am sure that the broken beer bottles cemented on the wall provide more security

Every fire department needs a dalmatian, correct??  As soon as I stopped to take the photo, he warned everyone that I was near.

Getting close to Antigua............

On the walk back to the hotel I bought some flowers for Tomasita. This lady was sweet and let me take a photo.  I went back out twice to find her to buy some more flowers but was not able to track her down.

In the afternoon,the clouds begin to cover the volano.

I found a new restaurant that I want Sara and Mario to try.  They make pupusas from El Salvador.

When I was walking in the evening, I ran into Kim, who was on the shuttle in the morning.She admitted that they too walked back to Antigua after hearing me say that I wanted to do it.

It was a great day and the weather was very good!

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Mom said...

Your blogs keep getting better!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!!