Sunday, February 21, 2016

Babies Almost Ready to Leave

I wanted to share one more photo from yesterday as we went walking.  This is close to the swinging bridge and some ladies were beating their clothes on the rocks. It was an adventure for many, and signifies so many things.

On Wednesday morning, all of the babies were stable so it was a good time to return to their homes. I was disappointed that not all of my babies were done but I fully understand why some of them need to wait until August.

This is Elizer.  He and Batman would probably enjoy being some place different.  He is a very good looking young man!

This is Randy and he is ready for his escape!!! There will be NO turning back for this young man!

This is Kenia when her parents arrived to take her home.  Please join me in prayer every day for this young girl that she does not contact an infection.

After dinner, we still had 32 consults left to do.  Drs. Roy, Mark and Neil jumped in with Cynthina and we saw them all.  There are not many things that I dislike more than turning away patients.

I want to emphasize that all we do during the week is for the glory of God  There is no other reason  that this work takes place.  Through these clinics, people come to know Christ and can see Him in a different light. Through us, He touches their hearts and minds.

Please pray for the group as they will travel to Antigua for one night and then return to the states.

Please be safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you next year!!

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