Monday, February 15, 2016

First Full Day for the Babies

On Monday morning, everyone was prepared for surgery.  This is Kenia and Randy, playing with the balloons that Rick made for them.

Eliezer is enjoying his balloon.  Everyone is enjoying the moment before they know what will take place.

Once Randy received is surgical cap, he was not sure if he liked this game any longer.

Kenia was the first to go to the operating room  She got a little nervous but still continued to do well.

Kenia came out of the operating room in about 2 hours.  She was placed in her mom's arms and soon took her bottle.

 Kenia's surgery again is being sponsored by Kory.

Then Randy was the second baby out of the OR.  At first he was very quiet and calm and then later he was as unhappy as he could be.

We did everything that we could do to settle him down and finally, he tired himself out

Randy's surgery is being sponsored by Danny.  As soon as we could, we moved him back to his regular bed and that seemed to help.

The last one for the day was Eliezer.  His surgery is also being sponsored by Danny.  We continued to watch Eliezer until he woke up a little more.

Once he woke up, he was placed into his mother's arms.

All of the surgeries went very well.  No complications and everyone was happy.

We will continue to watch everyone for a day. If all goes well, everyone will be able to return home on Wednesday.

Many thanks to the physicians, nurses, OR staff and those who sponsored a surgery.  You can be assured that you have made a difference in someone's life!

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