Friday, February 26, 2016

The Sky Wheel

When mom woke up this morning,she wanted to introduce a new product to was a hair and nail supplement!  He was game to try............

And look how quickly that it worked for him!!  The Mohawk Man!

It was chilly but we decided to go to the Sky Wheel in Myrtle Beach. It was opened in May of 2011 at 187 feet tall.

You are placed in an heated or air-conditioned chair and the door is closed. It runs for 10 minuted or three complete rounds.

Another great opportunity to try the new 300mm lens.

Too chilly for many people to be out on the beach.

Pretty coast-line.

Mom and dad enjoying the ride but not moving very much.

Mom decided to be the Queen of the Sky Wheel.

We could see our car parked in the street.

This warning caused dad from not wanting us to move around very much or open a door.

When it was all over, mom wanted to go around again

We exited exited through a store but did not buy anything.

Mom and dad in front of the Sky Wheel................what a beautiful day!

We found another seafood and flounder place to have lunch and then it was back to Trish's house to relax for the evening.

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Mom said...

I just don't know what to say....... your camera makes the colors very vivid and pretty!!!!! I think we had some fun!!!!!! Just went way too fast!!!!! Staying the extra day was a great idea. Thank you Trish!!!!!