Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Babies are Doing Well

This morning, we had a little down time before the patients came our of surgery. This is Rita and Diane.  Rita is a missionary that lives in Antigua and comes to all of our surgical clinics.  Her husband, Kelly, always helps in the sterilization room. Diane use to live in Guatemala and continues to enjoy visiting.

This is Kenia. She was the first baby that was done yesterday and she is recovering well. Her mother is very pleased with her progress and we are also.

This is Eliezar and his mom after his morning bath.  He will be up and playing before too long.

This is Randy.  He was so rowdy after his surgery yesterday that he may sleep for a day or two.  Maybe his mom can get some rest :)

Before long, Kenia was up and playing.  She was toting her bear on her back as she has learned from the other Guatemalan ladies.

In the morning, some of us walked to a swinging bridge near the clinic.  It is something that most new people do.  It gives them an opportunity to get off the surgical site for a few minutes.  This is the 3rd time that I have gone in 9 years.  We passed some rubber trees and you can see the white rubber leaking down into the black bucket.  It always reminds me of Michigan and the sap from the trees.

In the afternoon, as the physicians made their late rounds, they found us playing, "Name That Artist".  Someone, usually Molly, would select a song and we would see who could be the first to name the artist.  It started with a few people but then as people came through, they decided to take a seat and play with us.
This is Dr. Roy and Dr. Neil and we decided they could not play anymore............they were too good!!

Then there was the group that wanted to sing the song but that was not the motive of the game.  Beth, Joy and Molly........jammin' on!!  I love Beth's microphone!!

Earlier in the day, we had a little a scare.  One patient,  Monica, started bleeding and the surgeons took her back to see if they could find the source of bleeding but all went well.  She received several pints of blood from us and looked better in the morning.

Goodnight all......for tomorrow will be another full day of service!!

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