Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Small clinic in Xepol

This morning, Manuel and I headed out to Xepol for clinic.  We had a very small number of patients since there were three community meetings going on.  The good thing about the day was a that a lady came to see us that had been in one of those meetings.  She told me that there were a hundred ladies at the meeting and that she would tell them about our Pap/ IVAA class.  What a great opportunity to be able to talk to them if they are interested.

It was very, very cold today and this young girl did not have any shoes or socks on.   She was just running and playing around like it was summer.  Manuel and I took some socks that we use to protect our reading glasses and gave them to her.  She was so excited.

So, what do you think this stick is used for???

The clinic was small but it was good.

Tomorrow, we will have class in Chuguexa and Tomasa will help me with that class.


Mom said...

It could be used for a pointer or a walking stick for someone that is blind or does not see well. Am I close?

Sheri said...

Not lose at all...........sorry, mom :(