Thursday, February 25, 2016

Finally in Myrtle Beach

My day of travel yesterday left a lot to be desired. I should have arrived at 10:00pm in North Myrtle Beach and I arrived several, several hours late. When the flight landed in Ft. Lauderdale, there were cheers and applause. I was just in a state of shock. The next flight was delayed for over 3 hours due to weather conditions. Not one of the15 flights was leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale on time. Once we boarded, we sat another 1.5 hours before we taxied out and then landed that time with our heads between or knees.

We finally arrived in Myrtle Beach about 2am. My friends Trish and Jerry offered us to stay at their beach house so it was a perfect location.  I was just ready for a shower and a warm bed.  Mom striking a pose for me on Wednesday morning.

Mom and dad looking at the GPS on how to get to Holden Beach.  We would go for lunch and a walk on a beach.
We enjoyed a lunch of shrimp and flounder and it was really good!  We then walked outside on the docks.

I did not see a boat or an RV for sale so I will not make any life-style changes today.

We drove over a bridge to Holden  Beach.  I had a chance to use my new 55-300 mm lens but have a lot to learn about it.

It was a pretty early evening drive.

Dad finding a way down to the beach.

It was pretty but also chilly.

No one else was around.  They were probably in their condos laughing at us :)

Sunset was pretty.

Dad decided that he was about ready to head back to the car.

I wanted to get out on the pier..................

Keep off!!!!

I could not make it past the signs but I tried!
Mom was already in the car and dad was getting it warm for her.

It was a fun day and we look forward to another one tomorrow!!


Linda Osborne said...

Glad you made it. Welcome to the USA!

Sheri said...

Thank you, Linda!!