Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sad and Diffiult Time

This week, there was a death of a young baby.  It was one of those situations that is very difficult and with a powerful story. 

Sometimes, we just do not understand circumstances. That is the bottom line.  We just do not.  Even for Christians who have a lot of faith in God, there are struggles.

Kemmel and I attended this funeral on Thursday.  The family members are Christians here in Chichi.  They had been so excited about this new addition to the family and now are in shock with the tragic event.  Before we left for the walk to the cemetery, Kemmel was asked to lead the final prayer. He did a wonderful job, even though it was hard.  He focused on God's love and asked for comfort and peace for the family.

Yesterday, I went back to the site and placed more water on the flowers.

A day that will not be forgotten.

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Jennifer Hicks said...

I have not doubt but that you were a compassionate friend and supporter. Blessings my friend