Saturday, January 23, 2016

Ladies Class in Pacaja Xesic

This morning, I headed out to Pacaja Xesic to do a ladies Pap/ IVAA class.  I have really been looking forward to it because the leaders of the congregation there have been very involved. When I approached Pacaja, I picked up some ladies walking to class. When we arrived where I thought the class was going to be, they told me that they had changed the location to accommodate more ladies from the community. There is a small community building near the cemetery and it worked well.

We had about 40 ladies in attendance. 

Aura, our dentist, started the class. Becky, her sister translated for me.

They had mentioned having a question and answer time at the end of the class.  I like to do questions as we continue with the class. Many times, people forget their questions or begin to tire of sitting during the class and hesitate to ask questions.

They were really active and there was a lot of participation.  Becky seemed surprised that the 90 minutes went so quickly.  By the end of the class we had 16-17 ladies signed-up.  Now we just have to find a day to have the clinic.  One step-at-a time!!

Many thanks to Aura and Becky for the help today.

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