Tuesday, January 5, 2016

More Babies for surgery!

As mentioned a few days ago, I want to introduce you to the babies who will go to Montellano for surgery in February.  We will head down on February the 13th and will be there for about a week.  A large group will be led by Rick and it will include physicians, nurses and caregivers.

This is Amarilis and her surgery will be sponsored by Kory.  When we first met Amarilis, she had a loud heart murmur and needed heart surgery before we could do her lip and palate repair.  She had her heart surgery in Guatemala City and all went well.  Now, we will close a small hole that remains in her palate.

This is Brandon and his surgery is being sponsored by Jeanie.  He had his lip repaired last year and now it is time for his palate repair.

This is Eliezer, who also had his lip repaired last year.  Danny will sponsor the surgery for Eliezer.

This little girl, Estefany, won the heart of the staff last year. Her mother always dressed her in pink and she always had a smile.  Her surgery will be sponsored again by Donna.

Juan is not excited about going to Montellano.  He did not have a lot of fun last year but I hope that this year will be better for him.  Danny will sponsor his palate repair.

This is Kenia and her mom.  Kenia will have her palate repaired and Kory will sponsor her surgery.

This is Milton and he is only 3 months old.  He will have to wait until August but I think he will do great then.  He has a twin brother that is very healthy and doing well.

This is Sheila and she also is 3 months old.  She too will have to wait until August to have her surgery.

 The final baby is Randy and he will have his palate repaired. Danny will sponsor his surgery again.

Please pray for the team as it travels to Guatemala and that all of the surgeries go well, without complication.

A special thanks to everyone who is sponsoring a surgery.  This opportunity is a great blessing to the child and also to the family.

Matthew 25:40------Then the king will reply to them, 'I assure you that when you have done it for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you have done it for me.'


Mom said...

What a wonderful blessing for all of these babies and their families!!!! I feel bad for Juan. I pray that he does well, as well as all the babies!!!!

Sheri said...

It is almost time to go!!