Monday, January 4, 2016

Wonderful Visit Over Christmas

Being home for a few weeks was great!  It was good to see some friends, visit in Winston and just chill a little.

Yes, my parents are a little silly at times but it has kept them young!!  I think that I did a good job of raising them :)

We had an addition to the family this year........and she is sweet!  Mackenzie can be anywhere in the house and when dad starts playing music on the computer, she puts her crawl into high-gear and then pulls herself up on his lap! He sings along and she slaps her hand to the music. It is quite a talent show!

She is a little ham and and practices her wave.

"Mae Mae, can I eat this?"  "I do not think is a candle, honey."

Mom teaching Mackenzie how to say, "Mae Mae."  And she trys!

Not quite ready yet to wear glasses but she tries.

This is my brother, Mike.  I am converting him to Amazon..........he made a purchase for his rifle.  Amazon is wonderful!  I need to buy stock in it

It was a good Christmas, all it lacked was some snow :(

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