Monday, January 11, 2016

Opening Ceremony in Paxot II

We all left early this morning for Paxot II to attend the opening ceremony.  They have been planning this day for a long time and it is finally here.  So much preparation went into it!  When we first arrived, there were not a lot of people there yet.

This is the entrance that later was used for the ribbon cutting ceremony.  It was the last view that I would have of it.

The ladies were inside the kitchen were working as hard as they could.  They had over 1,000 guests to feed.  The ladies here are making breakfast and this is a basket of tamalitos.

This side was making lunch. There is more work than people realize for a day like today.

After most people had finished breakfast, the group starting gathering outside.  Several people were making videos and it was also on the radio.

When we moved over to where the ribbon was in front of the door,  Lisa and I were in the back.  We could not even see the door.  They cut the ribbon and presented a section of it to the elders of different communities.  This is the best use of a selfie-stick that I have seen.

There were people across the road that could not even get near the entrance.

Finally, they let us enter but continued to remind people to go slowly to prevent a stampede.
This congregation has two levels and it was eventually opened and filled.

This is the front of the church building and this painting was sent from the states on ten separate panels and then hung.

The young people carried in the banners and they sung the Guatemalan anthem.

One flag that will remain, is the flag of the United States and we sang the anthem.

This is Pat Hile and he painted the back-drop and had it brought down from the states.

Kemmel was thanked for his service with Health Talents and for also supporting the work in Paxot II.  He was presented with the vest that he is wearing.

Lisa was also thanked and presented a gift for her work in Paxot II.

We had a worship service and then a guest speaker from Mexico.

We enjoyed a lunch together and then another worship service.  It was a very special day that will be remembered for a long time.


Mom said...

Sounds wonderful, Sheri!!! I can only imagine the singing!!!!

Sheri said...

Mom, it was awesome!