Sunday, May 1, 2016

Welcome Oklahoma Christian University!

We have been preparing for the last few days, for the arrival of Oklahoma Christian University from Edmond, Oklahoma.  It is their spring break and several of the 21 returned this year from last year.  That is always a good indication that they enjoyed the work. 

They arrived a little after 12:30 so we had lunch at Santo Tomas Hotel. The salads, mango and french fries.............yum!!

In the afternoon, we had a quick meeting so everyone would understand what we would be doing this week. Lisa explained about the ABC Clinics and different things that are very important for consistency.

Kemmel also discussed the logistics of the travel and expectations.

It was a good time to prep everyone, so in the morning, we can hit the road!

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Mom said...

Looks famillar!!!!! Wish I was there!!!!