Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Clinic in Chuguexa and follow-up on Angel

We had a smaller clinic today than usual but it may be because there was a protest in the road or because we were there last week for the IVAA Clinic.  Either way, we had some new patients and that is always a postitive.

We had a man with a blood sugar of 511.  He has been diabetic for 3 months.  He wanted to know if he should continue to take his natural medicine...............I just pointed out that the medicine has not been helping his situation, so why continue??  If you are trying something and it is failing, you need to come up with a different action!!

I told you the other day about a young man  that we had sent to the hospital on Saturday.   I have called the family two times to check on him.  I understood that he was much better and was still in the hospital.  When I called again, I understood that he was still better and should go home on Tuesday.  So, when I called today, I expected him to be home. But no............I was told he was much worse and still in the hospital.  I was so confused so Cesar called the family.

As Cesar talked to the family, I could hear Cesar's responses and I could tell it was not good.  Angel is now is a coma in Solola.  He did not go to Santa Elena, as we thought he was going.

Tomorrow, if we have a lighter clinic than normal, I would like to go and visit the family and see Angel.  I will see how many patients we have and go from there.  It is just not a good feeling to think that you understand and that things are getting better and then to find the opposite to be true.

Please continue to pray for Angel and his family.

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