Thursday, May 12, 2016

Angel and Panajachel

Lisa and I had about 44 patients today.  It was a busy clinic but I enjoy it that way.  It always gives me opportunities to learn.  There are some clinics that I must drive Lisa crazy because I am not sure what to do and I want to learn.

We had a young man that has been having problems with his toe nail for 6 months and wants it removed.  It was infected so we will have him be on an antibiotic for a week and then come back on the 27th to see Lisa.

Another young man lost his eye site in one eye. Not sure if it is fungal or bacterial but we sent him to a university that has an eye clinic.  I hope that they will be able to help him.  We have had good results from them before so that is a good option.

As soon as we were caught up, I hopped on a bus to Solola to the national hospital.  The staff were very kind to me.  One of the office staff took me back to where Angel had been.  The nurse told me that he had just been discharged and I might be able to catch the family at the gate.  When I arrived, they were already gone. 

I called his father and he told me how bad he was.  I found a man who could speak a little K'iche'.  Solola primarily speaks Kaqchikel so I am at another disadvantage. He said that they had just passed Los Encuentros and that Angel could not talk or move.

I just went on to Panajachel since tomorrow I do not not have clinic.  As I was sitting and thinking what to do about dinner, Cesar called me and said he had some bad news.  Angel had died when they arrived at the house.  Such a sad situation.  I hope to go and visit the family on Saturday.

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