Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Oklahoma Christian drives to Las Cuevas

We loaded up the trucks this morning and made our way to Las Cuevas.  It was about 2.5 hr drive. We had an ABC Clinic with the children and families from Las Cuevas and La Palma.

Dental setting up their area.

Manuel and Jennie setting up the pharmacy area. Jennie lives in Xela and will be working with us some.  She will be a great asset for us and today I has some time to sit and talk with her.

The La Palma people arrived first so we started out with some of them.  This is Jeanie and Manuel is translating for her.  It is nice to have Manuel with us since he speaks English, Spanish and K'iche'.

After the consult, patients and their family would go to pharmacy to get the medicines that they needed.

Mom and Dad's ABC Child, Noe lives in La Palma.  They have met him on several occasions so they wanted him to have this photo.  When I gave Noe the photo, he was so excited!

Noe is doing very well in school and likes to study.  His father, Agostin, always helps us with clinic. This is Noe and he is in the fifth grade.  At one time, mom and dad could pick him up  but that is no longer possible.

We enjoyed a good lunch...............and then finished with a few patients.

Jeanie found a young girl with a 5/6 heart murmur.  At first she did not think the girl had any symptoms but as she talked with the mom, she found that the girl did have symptoms.  We will follow up with her soon.

Another lady told us she was going to deliver soon.  We could not get a good idea of how many weeks she is but we found a good heart rate, there was a lot of movement and the baby was in good position.  We gave the mother instructions on what to do, so hopefully, all will be well.  We were told that the closest pharmacy is 45 minutes away so we are in an area that does not have a lot of help.

After all patients were seen, we packed the truck and headed pack to Chichi.  We each had a few extra pounds of sand on us and at least 3 pounds in our eyes................but it was a great day!!

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Mom said...

Thanks for the pic. of Noe!!! We can't get over how much he has grown!!!! He looks like a very nice boy!!!! I pray that the ladies with bad test results will be all right!!!!