Thursday, May 5, 2016

Calling all Females to Chuguexa

I am not one to usually mention female or male teams but today, we needed all of the females and they did an awesome job!  We did a Pap/ IVVA clinic in Chuguexa.  We have been talking and planing on it for months.  Teresa went with me when we did the class and soon we had more than enough patients on the list

Lisa started the clinic by welcoming and then praying.

Since the Oklahoma Christian University is with us this week, we took advantage of the physicians in the group.  They did our regular clinic in Lemoa and we held this Pap/ IVAA clinic.  The students prepared the patients for their procedure.

Mauri, Cecy and Teresa kept the pharmacy going and also translated as we needed.

Preparing more patients.

It was fun to listen to them talk and giggle together.  You would have thought it was an all-day-pajama party!!  Such an innocent culture at times :)

My first Pap patient was 67 years old.  She has 10 children and this was her first Pap and it was not good.  Not good at all.  She will follow-up with Lisa next Tuesday in Lemoa.

We also had one other patient with post-menopausal bleeding.  She too, will follow-up with Lisa next Tuesday.  Lisa will have a busy clinic the following Tuesday.

We loaded the truck and Nisson and then stopped for one last photo.  Thank you, Sara!!

We unloaded the equipment in Lemoa after.  Thank you very much Oklahoma Christian for your help.  You helped make a great day for us and for the patients.

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Mom said...

Great blog, Sheri, I love the pic.!!!!! I pray that the two ladies with bad test results will be all right. Keep me posted!!!!!