Monday, May 2, 2016

Open the Doors for Oklahoma Christian University!

We loaded up the trucks after breakfast this morning and headed off in several directions.  Our group landed in Mactzul V and prepared for a busy day.

Lisa and Kemmel helping to get everything organized.  We had medical, dental and dental checks today.

This is the vital sign section on a roll............

Tomas and his family getting checked in.  Teresa from NC has sent word that when her ABC Child, Everaldo graduates, she will be down again for the ceremony.  He grins big every time I remind him of this.

Aura, the dentist, and the promoters getting prepared in the dental area.

Cesar doing the dental checks on the students.  I was told today that the dental checks have been improving in this area.............that is very good news.

As we waited for the afternoon students to arrive, Lisa and I drove two groups out to deliver a water filter and to check on one that was not working correctly.

One gentleman came today that had significant pain and we think it was due to kidney stones.  He will get an ultrasound done and then see Lisa on Monday or Friday.

Tomorrow, we will head out again in different directions and it will be another good day!

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Mom said...

Beautiful building!!!!