Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Visiting Blowing Rock and the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC

Dad, mom and I headed this morning up to Blowing Rock Mountain. It was a beautiful day for a drive and we really enjoyed it.  This is Table Rock in the far distance.

I was disappointed with the lack of color but it is the time of year.  I am still learning how to use my new camera.

Mom was off  to the side reading the graffiti on the rock.

We were near the Brown Mountain and it was very pretty.

A view of Hawks Bill.

Dad taking some photos too.

We had a really great day together.  We stopped in Blowing Rock and had a plate of cod fish and chips.  We had malt vinegar with them and it was awesome.  We returned home a little tired but it was worth the drive and effort!

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Mom said...

You are right about the colors, Sheri but the pic. are still very pretty!!!