Sunday, March 20, 2016

Semana Santa Begins!

The week of Semana Santa has arrived!  For a few years, we tried to continue with our clinics but health-care needs drop drastically!  So, I decided to fly up to Tikal for a night and take a couple of guided tours.

Manuel was driving Julie and Mike to the airport so I rode along with them.  On the way back, Manuel dropped me off in Antigua.  I unpacked most of my stuff and then headed out into the streets to see what I could see :)

I found the processions and started tagging along.  Here, Jesus is with some of his followers.  Now, it is important to remember that people pay large amounts of money to participate in these activities and they continue the whole week.

Jesus is approaching John the Baptist.

I thought it was interesting that John the Baptist was in the center of the park in Antigua.

John the Baptist sprinkling Jesus.

As they continue their walk, the lady touches the garment of Jesus and he heals her.

This is the story of the boy with epilepsy.

He continues with seizures until Jesus passes by and heals him.

The father rejoices with his son.

The father and son thanking Jesus.

I wanted to follow and see more but a shuttle will pick me up at 0400 to fly to Tikal. I thought it best that I headed back to the hotel and sleep before the early morning arrives.

Stay tuned for Tikal!

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Mom said...

Very interesting, Sheri!!!!! Pretty garments!!!!