Thursday, March 24, 2016

Semana Santa in Chichicastenango

I arrived back in time to see a little celebration in Chichicastenango.  This is the front of the big Catholic Church. There were not as many people in the streets as I thought there would be.

Some of the market stalls were selling Santo Maximóns, also called San Simón.  People place them in their homes and then people pay to come and pray over him with their families.  The bowl in his lap is used for the donations that people give. People also place bottles of liquor, cigarettes, bags of sugar and flowers around him when they pray.

Many cultures had a doll that represents Judas during Easter or the Holy Week. Some culture burn them, fill them with fireworks, beat or flog them.  Here in Guatemala, we see them hanging from some of the electrical wires or hanging from the Catholic Church.

 Later in the afternoon, Judas was moved from his chair and hung from the entrance to the Catholic Church.

It was mid morning and people were still making their carpets in the streets.  They are made with pine needles, colored saw dust, flowers and fruits.

This alfombra is made with fresh flowers

People in the market continue to work to make a days wage.  There are some of the tortilla makers.

Whenever there is opportunity to make a little money.................someone is there to do it :)

This is the lady that I usually buy my fruit from.  She will cut two mangos, and charge me 66 cents.
A few years ago, I ordered a turkey from this her. She killed and leaned it for me and put it in a plastic bag. When I got to my house and opened the bag, I had no idea what to do with all of the turkey parts. I made a puzzle of it on my kitchen table.  The parts that I did not know what to do with, I gave them to my neighbor and she loved them!!

This is a beginning of a parade.  The guys leading the parade are burning incense in cans.  As they wave them through the street, it really affects the visibility.

This is one of the parades with Christ carrying the cross.

I noticed that only young ladies were carrying the cargo.

Below the cargo, you could see all Chichi cortes.
You are never too old to old to follow a good parade!!

I feel bad because as soon as I took this photo, a man and his wife came over and talked to me.  We had talked about 4 years ago when they were here in Chichi.  They told me their names and I should have written them down but I did not.  I told them that I was going to mention them on my blog since they said they always read my blog.  So, if you are from Canada and we talked today, please leave me a message with your names.  I apologize for not remembering.

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