Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Second Day of Tikal

I guess the only real disappointing part about the trip was the sunrise.  The climb of Temple IV was not as bad as I had expected.  I climbed it twice and survived. It is 230 ft. tall and is also called the Temple of the Two Headed Serpent. It is the tallest temple in Tikal and was built in 741 AD.

We left the hotel at 0400 to arrive before the sunrise. They encouraged silence so we could enjoy the early morning sounds.

Slowly, we began to see a little light.  There was dead silence.  Then slowly the howler monkeys started from left and then the ones on the right responded.  It sounded like we were being attacked by jaguars!

But it was two cloudy to actually see the sun.  On the left you can see the front of Temple I and the back of Temple II.  To the right,  is Temple III.

Closer view of Temple I and Temple II.

As we came down the temple, we spotted a Coati making a run to get away from us.

This is one of the Mayan Stelae.  Some of these date back to 200-900 AD.

This area is known as the Plaza of Seven Temples. 

This is the top of Temple V.  It is 190 ft tall and is the second largest structure in Tikal.  Unfortunately, we were not able to climb this temple.  It was built between 600 and 700 AD.  This is unlike the other temples because this one does not have evidence of a tomb.

I was not able to get a photo of the whole temple.

I could have easily spent another day here.  I find it fascinating.  I also wonder what people of the the future will think about the world that we live in, when and if hundreds of years pass........hmmmmm............

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