Friday, March 18, 2016

Clinic in Lemoa and Paxot II

Yesterday, we had clinic in Lemoa.  It was a busting clinic but I loved every minute of it.............every minute!!

Most of the diabetics were well controlled and that is always encouraging.

I want to tell you about a patient named Miguel.  He same in with several different problems and then finally told me that he is an alcoholic.  He has been participating in a group, probably something like AA but not on a real regular basis.  He admitted that he can not beat this alone and needs God's help.  I asked him if he would like to talk to Gaspar and he said yes.

I invited Gaspar in and introduced them.  I love doing this because it gives them a start on a good relationship and Gaspar can set some boundaries. So, Miguel is suppose to return to the clinic on the 28th to talk more with Gaspar.  To me, this is what the ministry is all about.  Finding people who are struggling and realizing that they need help........and then helping to meet those needs.

I will keep you posted on Miguel and Gaspar.

Another change that took place while I was away, was we changed dentists.  Sandra has worked with us for about 4 years and decided that she would like to do something different.  Andrea had filled in with us a few times and now she is with us permanently!  Marie will have the opportunity to work with Andrea and I think that they will work well together. Congratulations Andrea and we also wish the best of luck to Sandra as she begins another project.

Before I left to visit the states, Teresa helped me with an IVAA/ Pap clinic in Chuguexa.  She told me today that we have names for 32 ladies that would like to participate it that clinic!!  Amazing!!  I am very excited over this and look forward to our time in that community.

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