Saturday, April 28, 2012

Manuel, Gaspar and I went to Chuchipaca today.  We had a small clinic but had some good results.

Two weeks ago, I mentioned a 38 year-old lady that has had seizures for 18 years.  She had never been seen nor has ever tried medicine.  Well, she came back today and during this two weeks, she has only had two seizures!!  She said that these two were very mild compared to the ones that she use to have almost every day.  How exciting is this??

One lady returned and I am afraid that she has some type of cancer growth on her nose.  She has had it for over a year and it is continuing to grow.  She will go and see the surgeon in Chichi that we use.  Maybe she will have a biopsy done and I will be wrong.  I hope that for her!

In the afternoon, Karen came to visit us.  Karen is here in Guatemala and is working with the ladies in Chuchipaca.  Today, she had a meeting with them so she came by the clinic.  She was real pleased with the products that the ladies made.  I love the scarf that she had so tomorrow, she is coming to visit me in Chichi and she will bring the scarf to me.  I will post a photo so you can see the colors. 

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