Sunday, April 22, 2012

HTI Board Meeting in Antigua

Kemmel, Lisa and I headed down to Antigua to prepare for the HTI Board Meetings that will be this weekend.

It was good to see everyone again, since it has been two years since the board meeting was here in Guatemala.  It is exciting to see all of the work that is being done in the coastal area and here in the highlands. 

We are very thankful to be led by a board that is truly dedicated to the work and assure that the work is done by Christian principles.  While we have seen accomplishments, we are aware that there is still much work to be done.  We will strive to better and improve the work, while remembering the glory is His.

Harriet and Cynthia called the meeting to order.  Cynthia translated for Harriet, since there are many in the group that do not speak English.

Julie translated for David during his presentation.  David presented the activities of the clinics in the coastal area.  It was very exciting to hear of the teachings and baptisms that have occured near Montellano.

A true joy was hearing of how David's wife, Sonya, was recently baptized.  For those who have spent any time in Montellano during a surgical clinic, you will remember Marta, who places the IVs in the patients before their surgery.  She also was recently baptized.  These two ladies have heard the Christian teachings and also wanted to obey the gospel.  I know the angles rejoice with us.

Lisa presented the medical activities of the highlands.  She then introduced Ruben and Sandra, his wife.  Ruben spoke for a few minutes on the differences he has seen between Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Kemmel, ran the presentations and made sure we did not have any glitches.

These are a few of the Guatemalan HTI Board Members.

We heard presentations about the ABC Program and how it is growing. The changes that have taken place at Clinica Ezell and the additions on to Clinica Caris.

It was a long day but a good day.  Tomorrow morning, we will worship together and then later return to Chichi.

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