Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to clinics...........

We are returned to clinics after having our Semana Santa holiday here in Guatemala.

Yesterday, we were in Mactzul VI . We had a small clinic but were told that the government had done a free program the day before and that the medicine was, that explains why we did not have many patients.

Today, we had clinic in Lemoa and it was a great clinic. We had 28 medical patients.

We had a patient come today that was referred to us by ASELSI, a clinic close to us. Cathy called me the other day and said a baby had been born with a cleft lip and palate and she told them to come see us. When I talked to Cathy, the baby still did not have a name but today she did. Her name is Jennifer.

Jennifer is only 4 days old and needs to grow quite a bit before we go to Montellano for surgery. If all goes well, Jennifer and her parents will travel with us in February 2013, to have her first surgery done at Clinica Ezell.

Yesterday, when we were in Mactzul VI, a patient needed glasses. She went through all of our glasses but could not find a pair that she liked. Well, she saw mine and told me how much she like I let her have them. Then I went through the box and found some that would work for me.

Well, today one of the children like my glasses so she wanted to try them on! They look better on her but I needed them to finish seeing patients the rest of the day.

Gaspar was with us most of the day and then he went to visit a patient in the hospital. He has been doing a lot of visitation in different homes and communities. Tomorrow, he has been invited back for a second visit. I think this is exciting.

We had many diabetic patients today and most of their blood sugars were very elevated. One new diabetic had a blood sugar of 365. We announced today when the next series of classes will begin and I think we will have a good response to them.

I invited several of the ladies to come to Chichi when we begin a new lady's Bible Study in May. I am hoping that some of the patients will enjoy attending that. The first class will be in May and that will be about good health in general. Then we will begin a study on discipleship. I am hoping that it will be an encouragement to new Christians and also an opportunity for the ladies to invite their neighbors.

Tomorrow, the guys and I will head to Choacaman IV for clinic.

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