Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday in Chichi

This morning, we all met for our worship time in Santo Tomas. Then several people went to the market to buy different things that they wanted.   I was able to get a few more photos.

This is Cara.  She was also down last year when we did the programs in the schools.  She was a lot of fun with the students last year.  Cara, thank you again for the peanut butter and Diet. Dr. Pepper!   

This is Dr. Jim and Barbara and they are regular visitors here in Guatemala, making two trips a year!  A special thank you for bringing me Diet Dr. Pepper!  You know how much I enjoy it!

I was so excited this trip to find out that Jim and Barbara know Ray and Betty.  When I was growing up in Michigan, we attended the same congregation.  It was nice to get "reconnected."

This is the Steve, Haley, Somer and Lydia.........who all have been coming down for a few years.  Steve is a physical therapist and we keep him busy with many chronic pains.  Thank you for the doughnut today!  They found our favorite bakery!

This is the Stanley Family........Cara, Julie, Dave and Abbey.  Dave is a pathologist and is always willing to help out.  Julie always helps Dr. Jim and I look forward to seeing you again in November. 

This is Hannah, Kay, Jon, Adriana and Matthew.  I first met Kay and Jon about 6 years ago.  Hannah worked with the children this week. Adriana and Matthew translated for patients and helped in many aspects.

I am sorry that I did not get more photos of everyone.  It was a good week and we really appreciate everyone's hard work. Now, we will return to Guatemala City for the night.

Please remember Lisa and Kemmel in your prayers.  They will be traveling to The States for a couple of weeks.  We hope that they have safe travels and enjoy time with their families!

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