Thursday, July 12, 2012

Clinics in Lemoa

Yesterday and today, we had clinics in Lemoa at Clinica Carris

Yesterday was a ladies clinic so Sarahbeth and I was fifteen patients.  It was a busy day but a good one.

Today, we saw 29 patients.  This is Sarahbeth with Maria and Sandra before our clinic began today.

We have seen wide variety of patients in the last two day,  Women with different needs, a child with a hernia, diabetic patients, children with bronchitis, possible gall bladder illness and urinary infections.

This is Sarahbeth with some children in the afternoon.  They were full of energy.

Tomorrow, we will be out in Mactzul V where Sarahbeth is living.

Hopefully, Gaspar will be able to follow-up with a family that we saw today.  They had some very specific needs and maybe they will let us help them.  We will see.

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