Thursday, July 26, 2012

Clinic in Lemoa

We had a full day in the Lemoa clinic.  It is good to have Lisa and Kemmel back with us!

Several interesting patients made their way to our clinic today.  We had a few diabetics, a few expecting mothers, several with stomach issues and one little girl with a very nervous mother.

One mother brought her little girl for a consult, who from time-to-time feels very bad.  For the last year, she has episodes where she feels faint, her lips turn blue, and she has difficulty breathing.  This has happened 7-8 times over the last year but yesterday, while she was in school, she lost consciousness.

I talked to the mother about taking her little girl to the national hospital, Santa Elena, for a consult there.  I think she will need some very expensive lab work and exams.  If she can get her into the governmental system, she will do much better than being seen at a private clinic.  I asked Gaspar to talk to them before they left Lemoa.  As they were leaving, the mother told me that she will return to see us.

I know the mother would appreciate your prayers for her daughter.

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