Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

HAPPY 4th of July!!

The group arrived this afternoon with Rick and they did not have any problems.  We are very thankful for this and then enjoyed dinner together.  I was gifted some Diet Dr. Pepper........a special thank you to the Stanley family for that! I told them my criteria for when I drink it.  It has to be a sunny day and I drink it sitting on my porch.  Thank you!

We met after dinner for a brief meeting to plan for tomorrow.  There are several new people here and I am sure they will enjoy their stay with us.

About a year ago, I was lucky to be able to have the Gamma Knife done for my trigeminal neuralgia.  I am so thankful for this and also thankful that I no longer have any pain.  I just heard that Dr. Ellis, who did this procedure, recently died and I am sad for his family.  Please pray for his family, as I am sure they are struggling.  He worked at Wake Forest Medical Center with Dr. Branch and I will never forget how they helped me. 

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