Thursday, September 22, 2016

Group Meets Mactzul VII

Yesterday, a group arrived and will spend about four days with us.  We are always excited when new groups come and are here to share the work that we do.  It is helpful to hear what they say and to have them participate with what we do on a daily basis.

Today, several of us went to Mactzul VII.  I have been to this community before but I do not remember being at the church.  It was much larger than I thought it would be.

So, it always takes time to prepare.  This is Brother Dave as he extends the electrical cord for the dental area.  Meslisa is a new dentist on this trip and she was introduced to us through Andrea, one of our regular dentists.  Good job Dave!

This group is also getting ready.  Dustin is checking out the medications that are available.  He will be prepared!

Tomas is taking the names of the children since this is an ABC Clinic but we will also see anyone that walks in.

What an opportunity the ABC Program is.  Many children would not have the opportunity to remain in school and have dreams that students have.

Gary and Kathyln seeing a family. Gary is a physician and has been down several times.  Kathyln lives in Antigua and is here helping translate.

When the truck is unloaded, it makes for a great seating area.

We stayed busy through the day. All of the students arrived and our travel was uneventful........Gracias a Dios.
As we are out in the communities, Harriett and Jenny remained at the hotel and are interviewing young people who want to continue with their education and those who already have scholarships. This also is a very important aspect of Health Talents.
Tomorrow is another day...............and another adventure!!

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Mom said...

Wow!!!! What a pretty building. The floor is beautiful!!! Very unusual for sure!!!!