Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Leaving Early for Chutzurob

We all met a little earlier than usually since we are getting close to the September 15th, Independence Day Celebration.  As we were leaving town, the entrance was blocked for all incoming traffic.  People were lined on the streets preparing for the parades.  They seem to start the celebration a little earlier each year.  We know to cancel our clinics on the 14th and 15th because we would be sitting alone.

Manuel, Teresa, Maria and Andrea and I headed out to Chutzurob in two trucks.  We heard that some of the roads were blocked due to some maintenance work so we took some different roads in.  As we entered, they pulled the board with the nails across the road to block us.  Oh No!!  Ten guys leaned on the truck to make it clear we would not pass.  Manuel talked to them and they were asking a pretty steep price of 200Q per truck.

I do not mind paying but it was the attitude and how it was handled.  We do not want ANY problems! So, we pulled over to the side to see if we could collect between us.  Between four of us, we had enough so we received the ticket to pass.

We had a good clinic with fifteen medical patients.  All of the diabetics were controlled so that makes Sheri content.  We did not seen anything unusual. Dental was slow with only three dental patients.

We packed the truck with a little rain but not a lot.......but because of the construction of the church building, we created more mud. It felt like ten pounds were added to each foot-------getting it off was horrible.

We laughed a little at Manuel, as his method was using the grass.

I tried the concrete.  I felt the worse for Teresa (in the pink) because she had opened toe and heel sandals on.  Maria is in the back and she is using the grass and stick method.

Oh well.........................another adventure for sure but it ended well, as they all do!

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