Thursday, September 15, 2016

Parade in Chichicastenango

I walked up to the soccer field to watch the parade and take photos.  When I arrived, it looked like the Angry Birds were taking over.  

The streets were packed!  It was fun to move around and try to find people that I know.

Here are my second set of parents, Tomsita and Jaime.  I have lived in their house now for almost 8 years.

Their daughter, Kira, from Xela is visiting.  I found her down the street.

 This Erika and Elana and they also live in our neighborhood.

The group of mimes saw me on the side and waved!

 I got a thumbs-up from this couple.

 This group of girls, who carried kites were very colorful.

The back of the kites were equally as colorful.  A lot of work goes into making and flying them

All of the vendors were out.  The popcorn  people, ice cream pushers, balloon blowers and people selling hats and sunglasses-----even though not many people wear them.

I had been watching this serpent weave its way through the street, back-and forth.

He wanted me to know that he saw me.

I think that this is a Guatemalan version of The Walking Dead!

This was the only horse, but it made me think of Sandra, who use to work with us.

This group actually stopped to strike a pose!

I have no idea how many blocks of parade this was huge!  This was the end of the trail so I am sure that some were not as energetic as when they first started.

It is good to see everyone enjoy the day and be excited about their independence.

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Mom said...

Beautiful pictures, Sheri!!!