Thursday, June 9, 2016

To Breathe or Not to Breathe

Late this morning, as we were seeing patients, Aura the dentist knocked on my door. She asked me to come and see a patient. She was calm but her voice and demeanor were different than usual.

I thought we were going to her office, as we usually do but she went outside. There was a young man slumped back into his chair and he we not responsive.  As I felt for a pulse, I asked someone to bring my stethoscope to me.  He was in a bad position in the chair and I could move him.  I tried to tilt his head back and then again asked someone to bring my stethoscope. I gave him a firm sternal rub, then looked at his eyes and they tilted back..............he was not in a good position to do anything so I said, "Get me Lisa and please bring my stethoscope!"

Lisa comes out the door and we lower him to the ground.  I am trying to open his airway and she is able to get a weak blood pressure.  I am able to tilt his head back some and she can feel his breath on her cheek.  In a few seconds, we can see chest and abdominal movement.

We carry him into the exam room. He finally can answer a few questions and asks for water.
We monitor his vital signs for about an hour and then rests in the other dental office.

The afternoon study for the students was vasovagal response.

All ended well and we are thankful for that!

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Anonymous said...

Sheri, Sheri.....we ALWAYS have to be prepared, don't we? Good job!