Saturday, June 11, 2016

English Class in Chichi

I met the students in Chichi this morning and everyone was ready to go.  We had 14 students but they all did not arrive at the same time.  We must remember that we are in Guatemala.

We practiced the alphabet then everyone had to write their name on the board and spell it.  Being able to say the alphabet is one thing, but knowing how to use the letters is another.  We counted to 100 and then played Bingo. Mackenzie helped called the numbers.

Then it was time for some entertainment!  Jessica, slowly drew an elephant on the board and the students were able to recognize it before she finished.  They even remembered the English name for it!

Then Ethan went for the frog.  Again, the students know what it was before he finished.

It was a good class!

Then we went separate ways through town but met again at the center square.  Then, there was time for ice cream.............and who can say, "No" to that???

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