Tuesday, June 7, 2016

IVAA/ Pap Class in La Estancia

This morning, Teresa and I set out for the IVAA/ Pap class in La Estancia.  The way the morning progressed, showed me how much that I have changed in 10 years.  We had talked a few days ago about how to get there since it has been several years for me and this would be Teresa's first time. The class is to be in the house of Martin, where we use to have clinics about 9 years ago. 

When we arrive to Quiche, Teresa starts talking on her phone but I do not realize at the time she is getting directions.........but I do find out that she really does not have a very good idea of where we are going.  We turn left and head out of Quiche and then a road is blocked so we have to make another detour.

When we get back to the road that we should be on, she makes another call but the lady can not hear her.  I tell her that it will be ok, we can ask as we continue. So, every time that we see someone that look as if they can contribute to our journey, we ask. 

We eventually come to a house that I recognize from years ago.  I said, "Teresa, this is the house!" She responds, "I do not think so Sheri, because all of the doors are closed."  It was starting to rain so I told her just to stay in the truck until I confirmed whether it was or not..............Martin opened the door and I said. "Thank you!"

We quickly set up for class and it is 0925.  Martin asked us to wait 20 more minutes since more were on their way.   Ok, Martin...........we can wait...........

We spent the time talking to a mother and her daughter, who had an ultrasound.  We talked for about 10 minutes and advised her to come to clinic on Thursday.

It was then time to start the class.  Teresa did a great job of translating and we had about 14 ladies attend.  When we left we had 9 names, so I think we will return to do the IVAA/ Pap clinic. 

I have been very pleased with the response that we have been receiving at the classes.  We will continue to offer the classes and we already have a request for a repeat class in Patzibal :)

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