Saturday, June 4, 2016

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We have had students with us for a few weeks. They are part of the Medical Evangelism Training program.  They have been a lot of fun and have hung in there.............some days were better than others.

On  this day, they went to Pachaja Xesic with me to help with an English class.  These are the students with some of the students  :)

This is the class.  We had 14 students.

Learning different words for the day.

We counted and then played Bingo.

I put a drawing program on my cell phone.  So this is the butterfly that Morgan drew.  Great talent!

This is Kimmi with her frog.

Justin had the last one it took some time but he got us to the end!

It was a good class and then the students enjoyed ice cream with their families.   They will leave on Wednesday for Panajachel and we will swap students for a couple of weeks.

All is well in Guatemala!

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Mom said...

Great blog, Sheri !!!! I hope the students see it. I love the drawings!!! I wish I were that good!!!!