Monday, September 7, 2015

Guatemala Votes as the Ex President Jailed

Guatemalteco headed to vote on Sunday.  The streets were crowded but the actual markets in Chichi and Quiche were small.  This is only one area in Chichi, where people were allowed to vote.

Jimmy Morales won the first round but he did not win by 50%  so there will be a second election.
Jimmy is a comedian, with no political experience. He is weighing heavily on, "not a thief, not corrupt."

On October 25th, he will run against Sandra Torrees. She is the ex-wife of a former president. While he was in office, they divorced so she could run for an office of political power.  People divorce for many reasons and I guess that this is just as good of an excuse as many.

People are concerned that neither of these two candidates will move the country in the direction that it needs to go.  One voter was quoted for saying, "It does not matter which one will win.   Whoever wins will rob the counry."

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