Saturday, September 12, 2015

Clinic in Chuchipaca

It has been a busy week but a great one!! Things have calmed down a little after the elections and we will see what happens on October 25th, when the second election occurs. On Wednesday, we had a full clinic in Chuguexa.

On Thursday, I went down to Montellano to meet up with Linda and Sandra.  Linda has made 11 trips to Guatemala to help in the surgical clinic but this is the first time she will travel to Chichicastenango.  Sandra is her sister and this is her second trip to Guatemala.

On Friday evening, we had dinner with Lisa and Kemmel. It is always good to catch up with them. They will be heading to Guatemala City tomorrow, in search of some things that we need.

Our clinic today was in Chuchipaca.  I had some specific patients that I was looking for but they did not come to visit us.

This is Sandra, with a daughter of one of the patients.  She is also Cecy's niece.

One quick photo after we loaded the truck.......Sandra, Manuel, Cecy and Linda.

After we finished, I told Cecy that we would like to visit her grandmother.  Her grandmother is the lady who was baptized a few weeks ago.  She has been very sick and not able to get out of bed. The lack of mobility is hard and causes more problems.  We prayed with her before we left and then returned to Chichi.

We had lunch at Casa San Juan........we thought a late lunch of burgers was in order.  Then we went out to Lemoa to visit the clinic.  I knew we were having some work done at Caris but was surprised at the amount of people there.  I learned there was going to be a community meeting about the water so that explained the number of people.

Then we went to visit the Mayan Sacrificial area below the cemetery.  I like to take people to visit places and to see the market.

We finished later in the evening and it was time to rest a little...........tomorrow we will do the market, make a lot of purchases, have lunch and then worship with the Chichi congregation.

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