Sunday, September 13, 2015

Celebration Starts Early!!

When I left my house this morning, I did not expect to see all of the activity in the streets.  I know what to expect on the 14th and 15th but the celebration had started early!

I got in a minivan and fully expected to make it to Chichi but after 3 blocks, I had to jump off, walk a couple of blocks and then take a tuk tuk up to the hotel.  The road was blocked off due to a parade that would start soon.

Everyone had some place to go!

I went to the hotel to get Linda and Sandra. The parade had started but was very slow in movement! We were able to duck into some stores and then catch up with the parade.

It is nice out patriotic most Guatemalans are. Many still remember and talk about the civil war that spanned from 1960 to 1996. They do not take for granted their independence which was declared in 1821 from Spain.

We left the parade to jump into a bank to get some money.........

and then caught up with the children who were doing a hula-hoop routine.

These are some of the huge kites that fly on November 1st or The Day of the Dead.  In Sumpango, they fly kites that range in 2-20 meters in size.  It is a huge day of activity and celebration in Guatemala. These are some of the smaller ones but very colorful.

Every parade needs some princesses.

When we had enough of the parade and crowds, we stopped in the vegetable market to get a photo. 

It was soon time for lunch and then worship with the Chichi congregation.

Linda and Sandra will be leaving at 0630 in the morning for Guatemala City.  They will have the day to rest there and then fly back to The States on Tuesday.  It was good to have them come and visit and to see the work here in The Highlands.  We pray for their safe travel and look forward to their next visit.............which will be in Febuary for plastic surgery :)

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"Every parade needs some princesses!"