Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Changing Roles in Xepocol

Sandra, Cecy, Manuel and I traveled today to Xepocol for clinic.

We had a few patients and safe travels.

There was some extra time today so Cecy was able to take advantage of it.  Cecy went from promoter to patient.  She needed a cavity filled and there was opportunity.  Maria changed her role as a dental assistant to dentist and Sandra went from dentist to teacher. 

The only down-side of having a filling done before lunch, is that it is difficult to eat.  We were served a wonderful chicken soup and Cecy was able to eat the soft vegetables.

Later, we packed the trucks and headed to Lemoa to unload some equipment.

When we passed through Sepela, there was a huge political campaign!  There were 5 police/ transportation people to direct traffic.  It was amazing the number of trucks and people there!

As I have mentioned before, we are in the middle of hug political problems.  On September the 6th, they will elect a new president.  Usually, there are two elections and I am ready for this to be over with. People are nervous, roads have been closed and people are not sure what will happen next.

Tomorrow, we will travel to Chuicaca for clinic.

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Mom said...

I just read all of your new blogs. What a wonderful and exciting life you live, healing the sick and bringing others to Christ. I can't imagine how pleased God is with you!!!! I pray that you will soon have a new president and that he will be willing to help his people to have better ways of living. Stay safe and may God bless you, always!!!!! I love you!!!!!